Reaction to “Sheila;” Fan Art

I have been thrilled to find that reaction to Day One’s publication of “Sheila” has been almost unanimously positive.  Thank you to all those who wrote touching letters or positive reviews of the story.  It is so rewarding to discover how many readers enjoyed “Sheila.”  If you haven’t read the story but would like to, it is still available as part of a “Day One” subscription (by purchasing a year of the magazine you automatically receive the previous issues) at this link.  “Sheila” is now also available as a stand-alone Kindle ebook for those who prefer just the one story.

The only thing that’s even better than a good review?  Learning that one artist and reader found “Sheila” worthy of some amazing fan art.  Award-winning comic artist Gabriel Bautista Jr. has created an image honoring the story’s protagonist (and his beloved spaniel herself, of course) that can be found here.  Beautiful, no?

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